Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trusting the Process - Yet Again

Although I haven't mentioned it on the blog, for the past week I've been boo- hooing on Facebook about searching for goats and not being able to find what I wanted.

Last weekend I thought I had found a couple but everything about trying to go see them went wrong.   Both were adults in milk and one was about 20 min. away but the other was about 3 hours away.   The one that was local was a Nubian, which I really didn't want because they are so vocal and needy.  And the one 3 hours away was a mix of what is any bodies guess.  She was 4 and had not been milked before but was in milk so would need to be milked since she was being taken from her kids who were sold to someone else but still there.   That didn't sound appealing at all but I was feeling like I had waited long enough and I wanted a goat and I wanted it now.   Never a good place to be when going shopping for any thing but most especially an animal.

As if that weren't bad enough, the woman selling them  had bought each of her kids a goat a couple of years back and been breeding them but not placing them so she was drowning in goats... 31 of them.  That is a lot of goats for someone not really wanting goats or even the milk they produce.

So the upshot was that she offered me the goat I called about, plus her daughter from last year, plus the 4 kids her daughter had this year , 3 doelings and a buck, plus another buck for $400.   She just wanted to find them a home.  I told her I wasn't sure I wanted all those goats but maybe.  I would think about it on the ride to go to see them.    When I hung up I knew I was feeling  desperate to get a goat and it wasn't entirely ludicrous to think I may come home with them all if I didn't do something.   So I called the lady with the Nubian to see if I could come see / buy hers first because if I bought hers I knew I would only buy the one from the other lady I had originally called about when I got there.   But if I just went up there knowing I needed to have 2 goats I may just get them all.  Yikes!  Does this sound as crazy to you as it felt to me?

Anyway, the lady with the Nubian said some body may come to look at her goat on Mon. so she was holding it until then and if the woman didn't show up or didn't buy her I could come then.   Who does that?   You have someone that wants to come now to buy something but your holding it for someone that emailed you from Craigslist that may not even come?   Ok...this wasn't meant to be.

I headed off to see the other goats.   By this time it's 4 pm and we originally thought it would take about an hour and a half to get there but when I googled it I realized it was much farther away.   Still- off we go.   I get 45 minutes into the  trip and realize I didn't bring my checkbook so I wouldn't be able to pay for them when I got there.    It was at this point I knew God is working in my life and telling me  (practically beating me over the head) to get a grip.   I stopped, called the woman and said I wasn't coming that evening.    Then Malia and I stopped and had dinner and while we ate sanity slowly returned.

We talked it over and I had to admit to her I was being much like the child I tell her not to be.... I want it now and even if it's the wrong thing, I'm getting it because I want it now.   We talked about what we really wanted in goats, including how many we wanted... 2, and why this was not the right way to do this.  Slowing down and trusting the process was the right thing to do even if it was hard for both of us.   The right goats would come along when the time was right and until then we would wait patiently.

And then,  sort of like when you've been looking for Mr. or Ms Right to come along and you finally decide to let it go and if it's meant to be it will be and as soon as you let it go they show up.  Well the exact right goats from the right lines right around the corner from me came across my path.   They couldn't have been more perfect and everything about it felt right and as if it was just the way it was suppose to be.

So here are my 2 girls,  sibling mini Alpines.   Their mother is from the same herd as my Tina was; IronRod.   One looks like my Tina and the other looks like my Passion, only smaller, which is a good thing.   The one with the lighter face in back had gotten a gash in her side on their fence so we decided I would leave them there for another week while she healed to minimize stress and even that was perfect for me although I felt sorry for the doeling.   I needed to go get hay and sweet feed and minerals and get the goat panels back up around the goat barn.   This gave me that time.

So all in all, it was a great day.  I met a very nice person that's local to me and got the goats I really wanted.   I learned of another good source for local hay and went and picked some up.   And I have the next week to enjoy putting the finishing touches on the goats little world before they get here.

This is their mother.  She's smaller than my Iron Rod girl was and her teats aren't as huge which for me is a good thing.   She is full Alpine and was bred to a mini Alpine so her daughters should be smaller than she is.

She had some other breeds of goats as well.  The black and white is a mini Nubian buck and the white goat is her only Nigerian Dwarf.

These 2 adorable kids were from the white ND doe above. Cuteness overload!!!!

Life is good!



  1. Oh my! Those kids ARE adorable. So glad life is good for you!

  2. Mini-Alpines, perfect! I remember reading your post about how the Alpines you had were just too much of a good thing, that is one of the reasons I picked up a Mini-Alpine a few weeks ago myself. I'm happy everything worked out for you.

  3. Good to see you Carolyn! They are too cute. We can't wait to get them home. I've missed my goats.

  4. Thanks Chai Chai.... They were too much. I'm glad to have downsized but still have Alpines.

  5. I was following some of this on Facebook, but then I had to go out of town for a week. I'm so excited for you! Wanting them all, and now, didn't sound crazy (I've had those moments). Maybe not sensible, but not crazy ;) Life does have a way of making things work out. We had a challenging time finding a second doeling this last spring, but it all worked out, and probably better than if our first choice had come through. The part I'm enjoying the most about having goats here, is there is never a day now when I don't smile. They're cute, funny, full of personality, and it's impossible to have too much goatie goodness in life. I can't wait to see your lovely new girls come 'home'!

  6. What a great post. I was so cheering for you and delighted with how it worked out.

  7. Thanks Leigh. I so missed my goats and am very grateful to have some again. And so glad I waited for the right ones to come into my life.


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