Homesteading Links

General Farm/Homesteading Links

Farmtek - another great catalog

Homegrown.Org - founded by farm aid, geared to homesteaders, active groups here including cheesemakers

Tractor Supply Co. - Ok, this is a no brainer but if you don't have a copy of their catalog you should get one. 

Homestead. Org - Great free online homesteading library

Farm Animals

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - good resource for heritage breeds

Animal Shelters

How to build a pig Shelter - In the English tradition

Animal Medications etc.

Jeffers Livestock Supplies - They also have a pet division.  I've gotten so great deals for dog things here.

KV Vet Supply - Both pet and livestock supplies

Animal Fencing

Premier 1 supplies - Their catalogs are great, top quality. electric fencing, chargers  and netting


Goat Vital Signs

Famancha Chart - If your new to goats this is a must have.  Free life saving chart

Fias Co. Farm - Great Goat Site  - Everything you need to know to keep goats is here                   

Home Butchering with a lot of photo's   - Great if your considering doing your own butchering

American Dairy Goat Association   - A wealth of information here

Pack Goats   - Ever considered using a goat as a pack animal for hiking?

Northwest Pack Goats

Va. Tech Weed ID pictures - good pictures to help id those weeds, both good and bad

Goat-pastures-and-forages - Good information from Virginia State University

Kidding Chart + more - Wealth of info from a meat goat breeder


Murray Mcmurray

Strombergs Chickens - I've gotten chicks here and like them.  Healthy chicks, good customer service

Backyard Chickens - Great site, forum, lots of coop pictures, 


Sugar Mountain This man is a wealth of information about all things pig


A.M. Leonard Co. I've purchased a lot over the years from here when I was working as a horticulturist

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - catalog alone is amazing

Sand Hill Preservation - both seeds and poultry

Johnny seeds - my personal favorite since homesteading.

Growers Supply - A division of Farmtek.  Have gotten things here I couldn't find anywhere else


Supplies for making Goat Cheese

Rikki's Cheesemaking web - great newsletter and blog plus everything you'll ever need for cheesemaking

Hoeggers  -  You can learn a lot about goats just from reading their catalog.

Caprine supply

Recipes with Goat Cheese

Haystack Recipes



Credit Sesame  - Free monthly credit checks and fico scores.  Great service.

Credit Karma - Another free monthly credit check service with fico scores.  

Getting out of Debt

Enemy of Debt

Blogging Away Debt

Saving Money/ Being Frugal


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