Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Baby Goats

Tawny - a doeling

Clover - a buckling

Our French Alpine, Tina, gave us 2 beautiful little kids on Mon. but not without a little drama.  It took her all day...12 + hours before she had the doeling and then only with the help of our large animal vet. 

In the meantime our buckling was unintentionally turned into a bottle baby.   My, how fast that can happen.   I had no idea.    With his mom preoccupied all day and wanting no part of him while she was attempting to birth the next kid I attempted to give him a bottle as well as dry him off from both his birthing experience and the rain and in the process he bonded with me and yes, I with him. 

So here we are.   His mother no longer recognized him or his smell and he felt the same about her.  I left him with her and his sister that night anyway but found him hiding in the corner in the morning with a decidedly thinner tummy.   So back into the house to bottle feed again and then back out to the goats.  And so it went until I realized he was afraid of her and wasn't going to attempt to nurse and she most likely by that time wouldn't have allowed it anyway. 

So a bottle baby/future pack goat was born. 
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