Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have fallen in love with Pinterest.   

All the photo's in this post have come from there.   If you haven't been to Pinterest  I would highly encourage you to visit.  It's an amazing site that lets you upload pictures from your computer or from any site you visit that allows Pinterest to scoop it's pictures and I've yet to find one that doesn't.  That may change as more blog and web site owners realize their pictures are being scooped but for now any site you go to you can just hit a button you install on your link bar after you join and it pins the picture you want to your account on Pinterest.   It then becomes available for everyone else on their too.  Others repin your photo's to their account and you can repin theirs to yours.   

It ends up being a treasure trove of idea's for you.   I searched homesteading and came up with some great pictures.  You can go see them using the link in the sidebar or here.   I actually found some from A Tiny Homestead already on there.  For site owners it tells where the photo came from so it brings more people interested in what they are about to their site.   For people just looking for idea's it amazing.  I think it's a win / win.  It's free too.

If you are a site owner and you don't want your pictures showing up there, they to have code you can add to your page that prevents anyone with the pin it button from pinning your pictures btw.

Proper Pinterest etiquette is to always use the link back to original post when using a photo.   Cool huh?
Win/win for sure.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Classic White Pizza

Classic White Pizza

Pizza dough
1 cup any pesto you have on hand or can whip up

bake till done.... Enjoy!

Ok...this is my last recipe post for a while.   I've been doing a lot of baking / cooking lately on the rainy days we've had.   On the nice sunny days I've been outside working all day and when I come inside at night I'm hungry and too tired to do much cooking.   Pizza freezes and reheats so easily I've made quite a bit.   Sometimes a simple soup sounds good easy but I want more flavor so I made the croutons I posted a few days back to dress things up.  If I've been really tired a few pieces of jalapeno bread with a bit of butter has tided me over till morning when I'm refreshed and can make myself something more nutritious.   Hence all the recipe posts.

Now...  I'm off to tackle the greehouse / chicken coop.

Pizza bianca
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