Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Classic White Pizza

Classic White Pizza

Pizza dough
1 cup any pesto you have on hand or can whip up

bake till done.... Enjoy!

Ok...this is my last recipe post for a while.   I've been doing a lot of baking / cooking lately on the rainy days we've had.   On the nice sunny days I've been outside working all day and when I come inside at night I'm hungry and too tired to do much cooking.   Pizza freezes and reheats so easily I've made quite a bit.   Sometimes a simple soup sounds good easy but I want more flavor so I made the croutons I posted a few days back to dress things up.  If I've been really tired a few pieces of jalapeno bread with a bit of butter has tided me over till morning when I'm refreshed and can make myself something more nutritious.   Hence all the recipe posts.

Now...  I'm off to tackle the greehouse / chicken coop.

Pizza bianca


  1. I could definitely enjoy this, thanks!

  2. Your Welcome! Pesto freezes so well it's nice to have a way to use it up.

  3. I have to try this recipe. It sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your Welcome! I used 1/2 parsley and 1/2 basil pesto and it was yummy.


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