Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doelings - Lacie & Belle

Lacie in foreground and Belle behind her

I picked up the doelings today.  It feels so good to have goats here again!  I think for me goats are like therapy dogs are to other people.  

Malia feeding them browse to make friends

Belle - Her wound is so much better 



  1. Elizabeth, I'm so happy for you! Your girls are adorable. Personally I think goats are better therapy than shopping, or even gardening! Glad to see Bella's wound is looking good. Our goats have made us very happy this year, so I think I have an inkling of how excited you were to bring them home. Enjoy your new goaties!

  2. You can sure see the Alpine in their faces!

  3. They remind me so much of my other 2. Even the colorings. They are only 8 weeks so I think they are going to be pretty good sized for mini's. Were yours that big this young? I am sooo happy to have them though. It feels like home again.

    I agree whole heartedly Clare. I'm so glad you took to goats so fast and fully. They can be a lot of work but there's just something about them.

  4. They are adorable. One of these days I will have a couple of goats.

  5. You will love them if you do! They are relatively inexpensive to keep compared to many animals....they eat weeds and brush.. a good thing. The milk is great and you get cheeses, ice cream, yogurt etc. And the entertainment factor is big on my list. It's no wonder they are so popular in the rest of the world.

  6. Congratulations on your new goats! They're so cute that I chose to feature them in this week's Homesteading Link Up. Hope you'll stop by and share a post from the last week!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring Belle and Lacie. It's an honor. You've been on our blog roll for some time. We went over and joined your link-up again this week and hope you'll join ours as well. They are fun. I also added your button as the featured photo to today's post about being Belle and Lacie being featured and link-ups.


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