Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Raining!

We are having a wonderfully rainy day today.  I love days that are just a steady rain all day.  No       lightening or thunder or pelting rain that just washes away topsoil and is over too fast for it to really sink deep into the soil where it's so desperately needed.  Just slow steady rain.  I love them not just because of the obvious need for rain but also for the opportunity to spend a day playing catch-up inside.  I always have the urge to make soup on days like this.   Rainy days are comforting days for me.   

Later,  I am planning a trip to the local garden center followed by an evening of cooking and working on journals.  I will take my umbrella and know even for a Sat. I will have the place pretty much to myself because most people won't come on a rainy day.



As you may or may not have noticed, I have missed the last 2 frugal Fridays posts.  I seem to have developed a mental block about this so am scrapping it in favor of just posting something frugal when it hits me.  I have never been good at boxing myself into something like that but felt the need to try one more time and hence, prove to myself I am still not good at it. 

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