Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A visitor comes a calling


If you've ever...

had to bring a sick hen in the house to nurse it...

they keep coming back!



  1. Hahaha... adorable! She's such a pretty color, too.

  2. Hilarious, and too true! They're actually very smart, and know a good thing when they've got it!

  3. Too funny, I guess this serves as a warning to me as well. Honey the house chicken will not be allowed back inside!

  4. We only have 2 hens right now. Both have been house chickens at one time or another over their 3 yrs on this earth. I do give in to them sometimes...shame on me...but with only 2 things do tend to be a bit different. More like pets than poultry. :-) And yes, they are too smart; smarter than we realize sometimes.

  5. Hahaha, that is hysterical. So cute.

  6. What a cute post. It brought a smile, kinda like feeding a stray cat, they return.

  7. I have a whole flock of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes that were kept in my garage until they were big enough to put out with the adult chickens. Any time I leave the garage door open, they go right back in there. BIG chickens make BIG piles of chicken poop!

    I very much enjoyed finding and reading your blog. Would you please come build me a cattle panel greenhouse????


  8. Yes indeed - big chickens = big piles! :-)


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