Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Barn

This is what we have been working on this weekend.   It's really quite spacious for a cattle panel structure.  It's 10' wide, 9'high and 16' deep.  It's divided in 2 on the inside and can be closed up to keep the animals inside if need be.  The sides are insulated mostly for protection from wind chill but it also helps hold temperatures up too.  It stays about 10 degree's warmer than outside at this point.  Sometimes cattle panel structures covered with plastic can have a condensation problem but were not having a problem with this.

I'm making clips to replace all the alligator clips. 

I've taken a bunch of pictures of it as it went up and of the inside and will post completely how we did it when I finish it.  There is much more I want to do to it  but it could stay as is for the winter and be a fine shelter with no additions to it.  It's nice having the pigs in the back which opens to their own fenced area in the back and the goats in the front opening into their own area but they are sharing body heat and it's one location for us to care for all rather than 2.    We already have a base of 8 -18" of hay in there.   The variance is due to the slope it's on.  I want to add a small raised area in there for the chickens too.

More later about it.  I do love those cattle panels!



  1. I can't wait to see more, I need to do this next year.

  2. I have used a Panel barn for the last 6 yrs for my goat barn.Its 16'X 12' It is so versatile and last year I got bilboard tarps for free to cover it. I know have a chicken house and a small buck house made out of a version of it. I havent ever had a problem with condensation even when I used regular tarps. I leave the south end open and can drop the back down for when its hot out for more air flow.
    It has with stood some crazy storms and winds too. I wouldnt be able to have my animals with out them. We have had to move twice since getting goats. I can just basically pull up the barn and take it with us.

  3. Well it's certainly not fancy but it will look better when I get a little time to work more on it. For now it's serving it's purpose.

    They are really easy Chai Chai.

    Tonia, I looked into the billboard tarps too. May get one yet. We'll see.

    Thanks Meemsnyc!

  4. I had bought billboard tarps on line but then my husband called a local sign company and he explained what we were using them for.. He brought home 7 tarps the smallest being 14 X24 One fit the barn almost perfect. They are heavy and Ours is white on the outside so they dont get to hot in the summer but they hold heat in the winter.

  5. Carol, you are amazing. Never in a million years would I have pictured this as your life. I admire your ambition. I can tell you absoultley love what your doing. I sure wish we lived closer so I could taste your cooking. It sounds so good and I could use some baking lessons. Seriously! Now that I have your blog I'm going to keep up on what your doing. Well back to the life I live. Work! Hugh! Thanks for letting me escape to your world. Keep in touch. Your sis-n-law Kathy


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