Thursday, December 16, 2010

First snow

Weatherman  says 2 - 5 " expected.

Last night got down to 14 degree's here.  They weren't sure if the snow would start late last night or this morning so I dutifully got up a few times in the night to be sure it wasn't snowing yet.   The barn doesn't have a center support in it yet and isn't able to handle a snow load so if it had been snowing I would have to go out occasionally and give it shake to get the snow off before it bent the cattle panels.   At 5 am I looked out and all the lights were out... no glow.  I wasn't sure what had gone wrong with the lights and really didn't feel like going out to check it out  but bundled up to go check anyway.   I checked the thermometer on the front porch first and it was indeed still 14 degrees.  The outlet from Premier is suppose to come on at 35 and turn off at 45 so at 14 degrees outside my mind said it certainly should have been on still inside their little barn.  Just as I was heading out the door all unhappily bundled up the heat lamps came back on.  The outlet was working fine.  It was just that warm in there.    I really love those Premier heat lamps.   Needless to say no one comes out much.  Just a head now and again to see if it's still snowing.   And as a bonus, no frozen waters.   Still no baby pigs though.



  1. Is that a goat hut? It looks pretty nice for the goats having a shelter like that. Are cows in there too?

  2. Goats in front and pigs in back. No my hands full with goats and pigs! :-)

  3. How cozy! I'm impressed with how warm it stayed in there, and that your lamps are working so well. You're right...frozen waterers are NO fun. Had to knock ice out of the chicken waterers a couple of weeks ago...brrrr!

  4. baby pigs yet? Wishing you a merry and bright Christmas!


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