Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting the cream out of goats milk without a cream separator

I love cream and use it regularly in my cooking.  Getting  cream from the goats milk isn't as easy as it is from cow's milk.    You can us a cream separator but they are expensive; upwards of $400.   Much more than I want to spend although I have considered it at times.   Reading further about them though made it seem as if the clean up is probably more trouble than it's worth.

This is what I do.   If you are a purist about your milk you may not want to do this but for me it works.   As I said in an earlier post, I pasteurize my milk for yogurt.  Drinking milk is used raw.   So when I want goats cream I try to combine chores yogurt making and cream separating and pasteurize that milk.   I then let it sit for about 4 or 5 days.   The jar in the picture had been sitting in the fridge for 5 days.  You can see clearly the place where the cream and the milk has separated.  

I then skim it off the top with a spoon that's been bent to fit inside the mouth of my jar.  Of course you can save the milk and skim it 5 days later without pasteurizing it first but most people think by then the milk has acquired a "bucky" flavor not suitable for things like whipped cream.   It will still work in savory recipes though.



  1. Thanks for this tip Elizabeth. I'm hoping my does freshen next spring. Being Nubians, I have hopes of getting cream, so I appreciate this post. I currently buy raw cows milk for my yogurt and like you, I pasteurize it for that. I'll have to do it that way for my goats milk next spring.

  2. I can't wait to get some goats milk this Spring so I can try some of this stuff.

  3. Very cool! Do you have a post where you talk about steps for pasteurizing? My in-laws are raising goats and have yet to milk any of them.

  4. Leigh... you'll have lots of cream with those Nubian's. More than I get from Alpines!

    Chai Chai... you'll enjoy having your own milk source from animals you fed and cared for.

    Meemsnyc... I posted a few days back about when I pasteurize, but not how to. I probably should add that info too though. "Got Milk" was the title of that post.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your little "trick" of simply using a bent spoon! (BTW, where did you get the plastic lids [are they expensive] for the Ball jars?)
    I'm VERY new at this whole goat thing. CELEBRATE WITH ME as I tell you that I GOT MY 1ST CREAM TODAY! Not enough for a cup of coffee but I will have enough from this last milking.
    I have a question: My nanny gave birth 10 days ago for the 1st time and SHE'S A FABULOUS MOMMY. We are milking her (she's part Nubian) but are only getting about 5-8 oz at each milking (or less.) Can I put that milk in a jar in the fridge and just keep adding to it until I have a full pint or quart or whatever?

  6. I'm thinking. I have seen some old fashioned separators. They kinda look like sun tea jars.... It could work. You would just need to really clean it out good after each use....

  7. hi fellow goaters, i had a crazy idea ,i have a gallon tea jug with the spicket at the bottom.if i let the milk set in there for a few days maybe i can let out the bottom leaving the top cream. has anyone tried this? then i thought i would put it in the ninja with the paddle blades to make butter. i am hoping to also have buttermilk which i am wanting to try for buttermilk cheese. has anyone done that ?
    happy goat milking.


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