Thursday, July 26, 2012

My New Honda Mower

My 2010 power mower....powered by me that is!

My new Honda self propelled mower.   

I have struggled for some time now with the issue of having or not having a lawn and what to do with the lawn I do have in terms of maintenance.   When your trying to be self sufficient on a small property it seems so wasteful to use up much of it on lawn.

Any homestead has chores and usually there are a lot of them and a limited amount of time and hands to get them done.   Some would opt for a riding mower simply because it's the country and it is a large enough area of grass that it could be justified.   Not many would attempt to do it with a push mower and I can say after trying it for a while myself it's with good reason they don't.  

I am not mechanically inclined for the most part.  I can do a few minor things but if a mower has an issue more than likely it would need to be taken to a repair person.   For me that's a deal breaker with a riding mower.   Not to mention that I have a rental property in town that I  mow throughout the summer and having to hook up a trailer to haul a riding mower to town is just more work than it's worth.   A riding mower for me and my needs is just overkill.

That said, I knew I wasn't going to be able to do another summer of the push mower.   My body just doesn't do well in the heat and pushing that mower around both here and on my rental when the weather gets up into the 90's or higher wasn't going to work anymore.

I did a good deal of research on what was available and decided on this Honda.   Honda has a great reputation and all the reviewers for the most part talked of how easy it was to start....a huge plus for me.   And the self propelled feature made it seem like a good compromise between a push and a riding mower.  I bought it online from Home Depot for about $500 and it was delivered to the house free of charge.  It does in fact start very easily, usually on the first pull.  And the self propelled part is a dream.  I can get it easily into the back of my Mazda 3 hatchback using a piece of plywood for a ramp.   The handle folds down nicely so the back can be closed.

I've only had one problem with it and that was my fault, not the mowers.   I had taken it into town to do the lawn at my rental but ended up running quite a few errands first.   When I finally did get to the rental it wouldn't start.   I ended up bringing it back home with the intention of having a repair person look at it but I got to fiddling with it and realized the turns etc. while it was in the car had gotten oil all over the air filter.   I bought another one and replaced the oil soaked one and it started immediately.   I now drop it at the tenants house while I run my errands and go mow when I'm done.

It's a great little mower for the price and I'm glad I got it.   I kinda wish I had gotten it sooner now.


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