Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Volunteer Avocado Plants

I love volunteers!  They always feel like gifts.  An Avocado plant plucked from the compost pile.

 I tried sprouting these for years with minimal success using a few toothpicks stuck in the side of the seed to hold it up in a shallow dish with a little water in it.    Long ago I gave this up as a waste of time.   The past 2 years though I've found by just throwing them in the compost pile I end up with sprouted seeds ready to pot.  If you want an avocado tree and have a sunny place to keep inside for the winter give it a go.   I found this one last week and another one today just starting to sprout roots.   I've only had 4 or 5 avocados in the past few months so seems to me to be a darn good rate of success.   

I would love to hear what volunteers you all have had success with this year.



  1. I've never had any success with starting an avocado either. I've tried the toothpick and water and waited and waited. Sometimes It'd crack and look like it would do something, then, bleh. Nothing. My mom had a few that got rather large.

    1. I've been surprised by the compost pile success because I've not been watering it so it's stayed on the dry side. My 12 yr. old takes the kitchen scraps out so they are just lying on top too. Go figure!


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