Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There here!

Thyme went off into the woods early this morning and had 6 baby piglets.

3 gilts and 3 boars

Luckily for one litte piglet a childs eyes spotted it about 75' from it's mother off in the woods.   How it got separated we'll never know but it was reunited with it's mama. 

Less than an hour old.


  1. Congratulations, they're adorable! I'm glad the little one was found...seems like a long way to be exploring from Mama at so young an age!

  2. It was weird that it was so far away and it ran away again the first time we placed it back with mama. The second time I put it down I placed him right on top of the other piglets at the nipples and it stayed.

    Baby piglets have to be the cutest of babies.

  3. So cute;-) Just found you through Blotanical. There seems to be a problem w/the link going directly to your blog. I hope that will be fixed for you soon. I'm in VA, too! Out of town for the next couple of wks but in the fall I will start doing regular blogging and visiting more frequently. Just wanted to stop in and say hello:-)

  4. Something interesting to try is when they're nursing, pick up two or three and watch what they do when you let them go back to the sow.

    If they're like most pigs, they'll go back to their own personal nipple -- they'll resort themselves to the exact same nipple.

    Thanks for the link to my blog.

  5. I've heard they do that and can see in one of the sows only the last 5 nipples are with milk. The second sow that gave birth though will also let the first litter nurse as well so haven
    t been able to quite figure that out on the nipple placement situation.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


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