Monday, July 12, 2010

A pig tilled garden

Our front yard, planted, after our American Guinea hogs tilled up the grass for us over the winter

Last fall when we got our trio of hogs we put hog panels up in the front yard where there was grass we wanted gone, added a small shelter for them inside and let them go to it.  We moved them this spring to a new pen in the back wooded area of our property and planted the front.  Right now it's rapidly filling up with pumpkins, squash and beans.  Later this month I'll put in a fall crop of turnips in to supplement the pigs and goats food this winter in any spots that are still bare.  An added benefit of has been a few volunteers we got from the scraps we gave the pigs over the winter in there.  It's like a little present each time a veggie plant pops up you didn't plant.  And you can always just pull it up and feed it to the pigs or goats if you don't want it there.  We got a pumpkin, a cantaloupe and tomoto plant as voluteers this year.

The plan is to move them back there again this winter to re-till it again as well as to clean up all the vegetation from this years garden.

A volunteer pumpkin


  1. Your garden looks wonderful and wasn't nice of the pigs to help out! I have a volunteer pumpkin that looks just like that.

  2. They were good pigs indeed. I love volunteers almost as much as pigs. The volunteer cantaloupe plant looks better than the planted one. No fruit on either one yet. Lots of flowers and bee's on both so hopefully soon (said with crossed fingers).


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