Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Taking time to see the flowers

Black Knight butterfly bush

As the name implies, this butterfly bushes flowers are a very dark purple when they first come out.  They lighten up as they open more but the color initially is a gorgeous rich deep purple.   Today it was full of butterflies.

 Summer Snowfall Trumpet Vine

This variagated trumpet vine was planted 3 years ago and it's the first time it's bloomed.  It's still pretty sparse and spindly  but getting there.  This year it's sharing a piece of trellis with a melon plant.

Sometimes it seems we get so busy with all the chores around here seeing the beautiful parts of this endeavor goes by the wayside and what a shame that is.  I need to put on my to-do list - stop and SEE the beauty every day!

On the not so bright side of the gardens today... my goat chewed tomato.  It was getting pretty tall.  Tall enough evidently for the goat to reach over the fence and chew the top right off.   She got two of them.

Back to the good stuff...jalepeno's will be ready shortly.  Wish I had been able to find some habenaro plants but couldn't and it was way too late to start seeds.   Next year!

The zucchini's are doing well.   Of course they usually do, but this plant is in partial shade so I wasn't sure it would do well at all.   I planted it in the flower bed in front of my house.  Most of my veggies are intermingled with flowers in flower beds.   Behind the zucchini is a Bugbane - Cimicifuga Atropurpurea that does very well so it's certainly got a good bit of shade there.


  1. Beautiful pics and what a naughty little goat. Here the deer would have reached over, or jumped the fence. We had to put an ugly 8 foot deer fence around our garden. They help them selves to the flowers as well. Very discouraging, but it's the way it is.

    Have a great day!

  2. I have a small kennel here which keeps a lot of the critters away. Some have learned that there are only dogs in the back usually so occasionally I get a racoon, fox or possum in front but mostly I get left alone. My neighbors get the deer and I see them at night in the field across the road, just not around my house.


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