Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out & about in the garden

 Variegated Liriope starting to bloom.   I love that they persist into fall.

Tiny pea plants Malia planted ready to start blooming already.  They can't be more than 6 - 8" tall. 

A Jarradale pumpkin that has survived the squash bugs.   This variety of pumpkins along with the Butternut squashes seem to have a resistance to them.   Jarradales also will keep up to2 years if properly stored and produce quite a few more per vine than other varieties of pumpkin / winter squash.

A variegated Miscanthus getting divided and moved.  It was cut back about a month ago.  I then took a long ditch shovel and cut the root ball all the way around and let it sit.  Cutting all around the root ball severed  the roots which then encourages new feeder roots to develop prior to it being pulled all the way from the ground.   This way you have less shock when you bring it above ground to divide and transplant since new roots have already been formed.  It's more like transplanting from a pot this way.   The shrub behind it is a Harry Lauder Walking Stick and when the Miscanthus get tall it hides it so am glad to be moving this.

Moon and Stars watermelon that didn't get planted until July.   How do you know when to harvest them?   Anyone?   I have never grown watermelons before.

The only surviving blue Hubbard. The rest succumbed to the squash bug invasion.  I learned a lot this year about how to outsmart them and next year will be better prepared.  I am disappointed that I panicked and used pesticides and will be better prepared next year.  My goal is to not use any thing next year that isn't considered organic including fertilizers.

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