Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fresh goat's milk yogurt & yogurt cheese

Wild black cherry yogurt .  Couldn't  wait to freeze in the ice cream maker before trying it.

After a summer of gardening I am ready for kitchen time again.   Normally by this time of year I've got a number of pounds of cheese frozen and ready for the winter.  This year I'm starting late but ready to make up for lost time.   Last night I made a gallon of yogurt.   I wanted some for frozen wild black cherry yogurt, some for just plain yogurt and some for yogurt cheese. 

Yogurt cheese ready to use or add flavorings - Yummy


  1. Yummy is right! For us cow dairy not folks goats are the best. Lucky you... you have the freshest! ;>)

  2. I am salivating, that looks just amazing!

  3. It was so good! I just need to come up with new herb combinations for the yogurt cheese.

  4. I've already been bitten by the Dwarf Nigerian Goat bug...and I must say, looking at this, I'm so tempted to add some goats to the farm next spring. I'd love to be making our own yogurt and cheese! That wild black cherry yogurt looks positively scrumptious!

  5. I do love my goats! Lots of Mozzerella, soft goat cheeses, frozen yogurts, ice cream, not to mention just plain old good milk to drink. The chickens love it, the dogs and pigs do too. I started with a Nigerian and her doeling but within a month decided I needed a bigger goat. I have the 2 Alpines only now and keep only one in milk and it's still alot.


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