Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More cheesemaking

I made mozzerella cheese this weekend.   The dinner plate above was full when I got done but I made two pizza's right away.  The plate full of cheese took 4 gallons of milk to make.  The pigs love the left over whey or you can make ricotta cheese with the whey if you want.   You can also use it in bread recipes.  I sometimes use it for ricotta but mostly give it to the animals.  My dogs adore it but it can give them loose stools so they only get it in summer when they are out more.

We've been using tons of mozzerella since I learned to make it.  We make lasagna, eggplant parmesan substituting 1/2 the parm for mozz.   I use it in penne pasta and marinara by mixing it in with the pasta and sauce.   I also make lots of garlic bread with mozzerella.  We dip it in sauce sometimes and other times just eat it just as cheese garlic bread.   Tonight I made pizza yet again.   I love onions and peppers on mine but my 9 yr. old likes black olives so that's what I made.   I told her she'll be the only kid around saying....do we have to have pizza again?.

I also made lots of extra pizza dough.  Each of those balls of dough make two 12" pizza crusts.   You can freeze it so it makes a quick easy dinner.

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