Sunday, January 17, 2010



This is Rudy the rooster.  We got him as an egg last year from a breeder in W.V.  He's a Blue Orpington.  Orpington's are more commonly buff colored but I really liked the blue.   Problem was you can't just buy Blue Orpington's so we found a breeder and bought some hatching eggs last year.  Rudy was one of the ones that hatched.  He's very gentle, crows just enough to make me smile and is very protective of "his girls".


This is Bonnie.  She's a buff Orpington.   She came to us as a day old chick from McMurray's hatchery the year before.   Bonnie thinks she's my friend and whenever I go outside for whatever reason she follows me around like a dog.   I go to the road for mail and Bonnie comes along.  If I've been gone, shopping or whatever, she comes running when I get home and meets me at the car, then walks me to the house.  If I have gardening to do she stays with me scratching and pecking at whatever, but always close at hand. 

Lily and Sky

Lily and Sky were both hatched out last spring  with Rudy.  One is a blue Orpington and the other is a lilac Orpington.  I can't tell which is which.    Either way I love their coloring.  One of them has been laying all winter and is sitting on an egg now which she refuses to get off of.   Maybe tomorrow.  We'll see.  We also have one Jersey Giant hen but I don't have a good picture of her.   She came from McMurray's the year before with Bonnie.

I am going to start collecting the eggs and when I get 4 or 5 I'm going to incubate them.   There's only one laying now and it's either Lily or Sky so I want to hatch a few now before all the girls start laying again so I know I'll get the blue or lavendar.   

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