Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

I've lived in Virginia for over 10 yrs now and this is the first time it reminded me of my years in Colorado.   We've gotten over a foot of snow so far and it's suppose to snow all day tomorrow too.   While I was in Colorado I didn't have all the animals I have now and lots of snow meant great ski conditions, not wondering how I'm going to get all the critters taken care of.  

I have 2 hoop houses so I've gone out every couple of hours and sweep the snow off because it was accumulating so fast.   I have a buck visiting for a while to romance the girls.  They wanted no part of letting him in their shelter so I had to make separate area's in there so they wouldn't be able to keep throwing him out into the cold and wet.   Luckily I did that before it started snowing in ernest.   The pigs and the chickens are all snuggled up in their little houses and it feels good to know all the animals are warm and dry. 

The only thing I've yet to figure out is how to get all the dogs out to potty.  I've been sweeping the steps and trying to sweep an area just off the porch for them to potty in.  Right now the snow is mid way up their bellies if they venture any farther than where I've swept.    I'll have to take pictures tomorrow when it's light.  It's actually quite beautiful out and will no doubt be a white christmas.  

For all my musing about missing Colorado and the snow this has been a reality check.  With all these animals I wouldn't want to do this on a regular basis.   I don't know how people in Alaska or any of the northern states do it every winter all winter with many animals.  My hats off to them.

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