Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas & this and that

This was my view from my living room on Christmas.   I love watching the birds and we get such a diverse showing especially when it snows and food is scarce.   I put warm water and scattered some scratch on the railing as well.   Great, inexpensive entertainment.   My 9 yr. old loves to see how many she can identify.  

Christmas was hectic.    We still have a visiting buck we call Elvis because he has the craziest hairdo.  I really must post a picture of him.   Just above his eyes and back to his ears he has a bunch of curly locks.  It's silly looking or charming depending on my mood when I look at him.  Either way it's unique. 

The goats, pigs and chickens all got carrots for their Christmas treat.   Shredded for the chickens and sliced for the pigs and goats.   I swept / shoveled a place for the pigs to come out of their house but the goats were having no part of that.  They stayed in their warm house and just peeked out for a 5 days.  I didn't even offer the outdoors to the chickens until today.   I give them all warm water both morning and night.   I hang a flashlight in the chicken house above their food when I do their water at night and even though we had one night down to 10 degree's I have one little blue Orpington hen that lays me an egg.  All 3 of the other girls have quit till spring I guess.   Just that little bit of light from the flashlight made all the difference as she wasn't laying until I added the light.   I use rechargeable batteries or it would be rather expensive.

I'm still a  bit unsure of my feeding with the pigs.  They are going through a 50 lb bag in 4 days which seems like too much since they aren't full grown and even when they are full grown they are smaller than most pigs so I'm thinking I may be over feeding them.   I would like to get them on hay and milk only but I think they will protest strongly at this point if I were to try.   It being so cold at night I really don't want to try just yet.

I ran out of time with my Christmas wrapping for my little one this year and decided to make almost everything a stocking item since we don't wrap stocking items in our house.   Her stocking clearly wasn't large enough for everything to fit into so I got creative with a flannel PJ bottom with doggies and santa's on them much to her delight.


Hope you and yours had as wonderful a Christmas as we did!

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