Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Learning about goats

I wanted to share a great goat blog I visited.  If you are just learning goat structure or are fairly familiar with goats you will learn a lot.  Just the info about how to evaluate a goat on this site will be a huge help for most, myself included.   They have many many diagrams like the one above and lots of great pictures covering every part of the goat plus lots of other valuable goat info like when it's worming time, disbudding, choosing a buck for your does etc.   It's a Kinder site but much of the info can be for all goats.  I'm adding them to my blogroll.

Stop by and tell them A Tiny Homestead sent you!



  1. I LOVE the illustration! Thank you so much for the great link -- I have my first Nigerians (first goats, period) and will be facing milking this spring - if all goes well.

  2. Good luck with you new goats! It's exciting anticipating milking and the cheesemaking etc. I remember so well. I loved those illustrations too. And for every possible part of the goat.


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