Friday, April 27, 2012

Paper Anyone?

An Upcycled Lamp covered in pieces of handmade paper.

My name is Elizabeth and I am addicted to paper.   Yes, it's true.  I absolutely love scrapbook papers, handmade papers and interesting gift wrapping papers.  I love them all.  There is just so much you can do with paper and it's relatively inexpensive.  

I purchased this lamp at Goodwill for $1.60.   It was originally shiny brass and it was just the rounded upper portion.  Where the arrow is was the bottom. I needed a small lamp for my bedside table but wanted it more stable so I added an upside down terra cotta plant saucer to it to give it much needed stability using some gorilla glue.

Once the glue was dried I used the Golden High Solid gel to fill in the gap but you could just use caulk or whatever you have around. Next, I smeared the whole thing with regular gel matte and then painted it with beige acrylic paint from the  the craft section of Walmart.   I always have some on hand for small art projects.   When the paint was dried I took some handmade paper and torn it up.  I sprayed it lightly with water and just started placing it.  I used a few different papers.  One had some pieces of dried flowers in it but you can't see it in the photo's.   Very pretty though.   Then I punched some doodles out of an old book I bought for .25 at the library.  I will use it to make an altered book album for pictures eventually but the printed words on the punched flowers and doodles adds interest.  I had a bunch of tiny green stones for jewelery making and I added a few of those too.   I used some decoupage paste and put a thin layer of that all over it and let it dry.   If you don't have decoupage paste you can use gesso, gel medium or modge podge.   All of those can be bought at Michaels or JoAnn's or probably even Walmart.  While it was drying I cut some ribbon, doubled it and glued it to the front top of the shade, added a button and voila...I have a staple bedside lamp that is uniquely mine.

Steno pad covered with scraps of pretty paper

I am addicted to lists as well as papers.  I use inexpensive steno pads and cover them with scraps of paper, add an embellishment and some ribbon and I have something I enjoy making lists in.

Scrappy Walls!

This picture came from the above blog but I love it!  I don't know what was used here but scrapbook papers, old wallpaper books, handmade papers etc. would all work great.  

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