Friday, October 22, 2010

Goats and their greens

My Alpines love their greens and browse but because they have the potential to wipe out an area of all greenery in short order they aren't allowed unlimited access to the woods.   Instead, I get it for them.

To do this, Ijust go for a short walk through the woods with their blue container stopping to stripping a limb here and a limb there of the leaves they so love. It really takes no time at al to fill the container this way.  Next I hit the garden.  I trim the turnips, collards and rutabaga's and cut some fresh orchard grass.  Mix it all together and viola!  Goat salad to for 2 hungry alpines.

I clip the container to their hay container so it doesn't get tipped over and lunch is served.  They are quite funny when they see me in the woods.  They start baaaaing and calling to me and run to the gate to greet me when I get there with their full container.  Mind you, they always have hay and alfalfa pellets available and they also get some grain daily but they truly do love the container of  fresh greens best of all.


  1. What lucky goats! I think it is great how well you care for them. I love my local goat cheese and bet yours would taste yummy too. Sweet critters... feisty I know from caring for one years ago. I use to milk her and boy was that a fun chore! I love the image of them calling to you in the woods. "I like that kind... No ... get that one!" ;>))

  2. "I like that kind... No ... get that one!" ;>))

    I admit, I'm not very good at understanding goat baaaa's and you may be right that they are "guiding" me. But my interpretation has always been "HURRY HURRY HURRY. WE ARE STARVING!!!!! I hear Nubians are vocal. I can't imagine it if it's worse than my Tina when she wants something. She's very opinionated about how and when things should be.

  3. Yes, Nubians are very vocal! And dramatic. Those were the reasons I'd ruled them out but here I am with 2 Nubian full-bloods and a cross. I like your tub idea for greens. Looks very convenient.


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