Friday, March 19, 2010

Walking onions

Walking Onions

My walking onion plants arrived in the mail today wrapped loosely in a plastic grocery bag with damp peat moss tucked all around the roots, then placed into box which had been priority mailed to me.  I had been wanting these for sometime now and am thrilled to not just have found some but to have actually gotten them already rooted and growing.

Walking onions or Egyptian onions grow like a regular onion but when they get large they produce onions on the end of the stalk something like a spider plant grows new plants.   You can just harvest the top growing ones as small onions or green onions or you can start new plants from the top onions.  Mother nature will do it for you if you if you just let them go.  As the top gets heavy it bends over allowing the onion on top to make contact with the soil so it can then root itself.   You can also harvest the onions on the bottom but if you don't they will just keep growing as any perennial does.   They like moist looming soil and since they are a perennial I want to plant them in the right place the first time so mine are going into a clay pot until I find just the right spot for them.   Cool huh?  


  1. Man that is very cool. I want to get me some of those. Where did you order them from?

  2. I bid on them on ebay. You can get them from park seed but they were one bulb for $5 plus shipping and I paid $16 for 6 plus plants rooted including shipping. Whoo hoo! I love a deal and it was from a real persons garden!


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