Thursday, January 3, 2013

Locally Grown - Free Kindle or Kindle app ebook

If you visit my facebook page this is a repeat for you but lots of folks don't visit FB and I wanted to share this with those folks too.

Amazon is offering this amazing book "Locally Grown" for free right now.  I downloaded my copy a few days back and LOVE it.   It's about some of the midwestern artisan farmers producing vegetables, meat, dairy products etc that supply some of the better known Chicago restaurants like Stephanie Izards  A Girl and Her Goat and Rick Bayliss's  Frontera.

Each chapter focuses on a different farm and tells their story along with pictures, recipes from the chefs at these great restaurants and tidbits of other info.   I loved the stories and pictures and want to try some of the recipes.   It's an inspirational read and the price can't be beat.    Don't have a Kindle?  Download the free app to your phone or computer.


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